If you cannot see yourself as a winner, then you cannot perform as a winner- Zig Zigglar..

Sometime in June 2011…

She was preparing for her sendforth that was in a weeks time.

Excited and Elated to be finally leaving secondary school, Jessy already termed herself a big girl.

She envisioned how to make her Black and white coloured outfit stand out from the other girls.

This Day Style Magazine had given Jessy so much ideas and with all she had seen, her mates were no match for her….

“All of you should go home to get your outfits”; said her teacher.

“It must be Decent”;she added.

“I don’t like this black skirt we bought” Jessy complained to her mum.

The white shirt is too plain she exclaimed!!!

Who are you to complain? Do you make any money?Her Mother shouted!!

All Jessy could do was grumble and cry….

A day before the party, the girls kept parading the hostel with their flashy outfits and accessories, hers was squeezed deep down her box as plans of being a top fashion icon went down the drain…

Jessy’s friend eventually offered her a flashy white camisole and black jacket with a pencil fitted skirt to replace her outfit.

Her countenance lightened up and she walked with her heads up.

Send forth Day

Adorned in the dress provided by her friend, Jessy walked as though she floated, head and shoulders above the rest, as none of the dresses in the hall could be compared to hers.

As she walked around with a sly smile playing on her lips, hoping to impress the guys, her joy was short lived, as the ones she hoped would smile at her, laughed hysterically at her outfit. Whispers of how local and hideous her outfit was trickled into her ears.

Open your mouth and swallow me”; she muttered to the floor. A wish never granted tho…

At this point, she wished she had geared up in the dress her mum had provided her with, just maybe she would have been better off.

Lesson Learnt…

There were other cases were she felt she needed to fake her appearance to impress people and it did not go down well.

Some other times she flogged herself when she went through various accounts on social media and saw people flash what appeared to be wealth and riches all around .

Being Real seems very hard these days.

I mean with the numerous social media sites and high level of technology a lot of minds are influenced. This could be Positive or Negative ..

Yeah we are all trying to hit it big and have access to the good things but faking the process sometimes could be dangerous.

It’s okay to appear to be confident when deep down you are shaking … but are you working on building your confidence?

Trying so hard to be a Nike,Adidas or Fashion Nova ambassador when you really borrowed the property or probably reposted someone else’s property doesn’t depict you making it.

Allowing the world’s judgement cloud your thinking and behavior still doesn’t make you look perfect.

Be Real, Trust the process, Be content with what you have .

If your peers or environment keep making you pretend to be what you are not, I guess you need a change .

People’s opinion should not bother you if it threatens your values and create unhealthy competition.

You can listen to all the “Aspire to Inspire to Respire” or “I started with only one pair of slipper”😜but don’t be fooled by all you see around ..

The “i want to pepper you gang” will not always be peppery😃.

Don’t judge based on what you see, the person you envy could probably be living a double or multiple faced life .

Don’t sit behind your phone and wish all the good things will appear before you. Put in a lot of effort and hardwork.

Shape your thinking… Motivate yourself…. listen to the right messages… Above All Pray!!! 🙂🙂


14 thoughts on “FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT?

  1. The entertainment world has rlly taken much from we the youths than it gives. We all now believe in d slang, fake it till u make it. Not much believes in life is a process which if planed well it will lead you to d beautiful things u desire.

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  2. Well said Vickie, people should always be in content with what they have, that is the only way one can guarantee his/her peace of mind without depression whatsoever. Buy what you can you afford.

    Remember, All that glitters ain’t GOLD!

    Liked by 1 person

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