There are levels of embarrassment in this life but I think the height of it should be when your stomach acts very funny in public. Keep Reading…


Sometime in 2013, this young lady prepared with all her heart , soul and mind for her french exam. Dinma studied with her roommates and had so much confidence that she will perform excellently.

That fateful morning Dinma strolled into the large hall with her course mates to prove that Jean-Jacques Rousseau the French author, was nothing compared to her.

If only she knew that eating beans with vegetable the previous night will throw her into a state of panic and confusion the next day. Nobody warned her (perhaps she did not listen)😏😏.


Examination papers were shared and she smiled at how cheap the questions appeared .

Suddenly as she began to answer with all confidence, hot sweat rolled down her face. “What is wrong with me?” Dinma asked herself.

Her digestive system began to rumble with an increasing tempo. At that point, it dawned on her that the powerful forces of digestion and excretion teamed up against her .

Increased drop of sweat, tears flowed mixing on her exam papers, she lost control over her body. The powerful forces were in charge as she could not concentrate .

“Excuse me madam, please I want to ease myself”, she said to the tall dark beautiful woman that stood beside her who was an invigilator..

“The exam just commenced”, said the beautiful woman. Dinma thought to herself that if she did not leave immediately, the after effect will result to a general disgrace.

She hurriedly ticked off some answers, submitted her scripts and dashed off. If only her course mates knew her dilemma.

Dinma ran as fast as her legs could carry her because it was a matter of public disgrace. She ignored greetings from folks that waved at her and kept running. She wished the restroom would appear before her.

The moment she got to her place of convenience , her bowels opened up and released all waste products of metabolism as she heaved a sigh of relief .

Her friends and roommates could not help but laugh hysterically because it was really a funny experience. All that mattered to Dinma was that she overcame this powerful forces and got back ultimate control of her body.

She could not go back to finish the exam as it was against the academic rule . Deep in thoughts she began to encourage herself never to try some food combinations.

Dinma aced her French exams after all but the events of that day remained fresh in her memory .

This is based on a true life story😁😁😁

Well Dinma did not learn her lesson as she had various similar encounters in the long run

Has your stomach messed with you in public before ?Tell me about it in the comment section 😁

Ps: watch what you eat .



  1. Well, my own started today oo..thank GOD for
    I had to slow my pace and was muttering some words of prayers.
    To God be the glory, I got home safely and undisgraced.😂

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  2. Good one Vicky…always Nailing…
    But, i think i might just know this Dinma you’re talking about🤔…if she’s a mutual friend, slide into my dm ASAP…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mehn… I have been in that space before, it was a horrible experience that I will not forget in a hurry which led to purging all day and the little weight that I have got just disappeared within 24hrs.

    Lol thank God for the lesson, since that incidence I don’t indulge in any careless food combination

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  4. We all been in this situation before.
    I remembered when I spent my one week mid term break on steady purging after eating fried riced and grilled chicken from a particular fast food in Owerri. After that experience I swore not to eat from a fast food again except it’s a snacks.

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  5. Why does this”Dinma” sound like someone I know?
    Mine was on a day I was enroute to Kano from Aba.
    The events of that day will never be forgotten!!!
    Stories yet to be told!!!

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  6. The lessons I’ve learnt from this shaa. It’s not here.

    My philosophy now as everyone’s bowel system is different is never to combine two protein source in the same meal.
    No beans and fish, no meat and egg, no chicken and egg.

    Another thing I stopped is eating some artificial spices.
    Lastly is moderation is key.

    My experience!!, well let’s just say I wasn’t as lucky as Dinma.

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  7. Well, mine happened on a visit to a client’s office and thinking the door was sound proof , you know what’s up already.
    To cut the long story short, when I came out of the restroom, the client was asking if I was okay and would want a glass of water.
    I told myself I will never go that that client’s office again.LOL

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