Young me was never the smiling type. Straight faced because I was naturally shy.

My other siblings on the other hand were friendly and bubbly. They had people shower gifts on them which made me sad at times (I got gifts too).

Brides-to-be chose my siblings over me to be their little bride and flower girl.

So the time I was being picked, I cherished it with all of me,because it entailed new clothes, new shoes, hand gloves, panty hose and the rest.

I grew up that way with little resentment within me. I was just a kid and felt left out. I envied classmates whose parents had bigger and luxury cars. Also,those who could travel out of the country for long vacations.

My parents did their best in providing all we needed (though I had to wish for some extras).

I grew up this way not telling anyone how I felt, bottling up those hot flushes of jealousy deep within me.

Jealousy.. That’s the enemy.

I consciously had to erase the thoughts and resentments as I grew older. Then I had to train myself to overlook certain things especially when they are so material.

There are natural tendencies for humans to get jealous but letting it fester can be unhealthy

Getting envious over positions, relationships, belongings are bound to happen but it is up to the individual to deal with it .

People find it hard to accept how jealous they can be. But it is paramount to note when the emotions associated with jealousy go into display.

Look at it this way:

Am I getting jealous over things I can control or cannot control?

If it is something you can control, why beat yourself up? Why will I get jealous over someone’s outfit when I can afford to get it?

If it is something you cannot control, let it slide . Avoid overthinking and gathering facts that may end up false.

Example if someone’s progress is making you jealous, hold your chest tight and rebuke that spirit. Having done that, strategize on how to do better and be on top of your game .

Another thing is, do not let your imagination overpower reality. The thoughts in your head should not set the pace for your actions when dealing with jealousy.

And please do not compare yourself to others. People barely post their failures. Don’t get entangled with how people live their life.

Above all do not be swept off by the online world. Not all that glitters is gold…

So if you find yourself in this situation :

Talk to yourself in a very special way,

Write down how you feel,

Talk to someone about it (not someone that will take advantage of you),

Draw boundaries where necessary,

Relax, Inhale and Exhale…

Hope we are doing great . I have missed posting here but I’m here now 😁😁😁.

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18 thoughts on “THE ENEMY WITHIN

  1. Exhilaratingly beautiful. I love that you used yourself as a case study and moved down to all of us as individuals. The realness of it all, the authority of the pieces of advice and the attention to detail in dishing out this well prepared food shows how far you went to source for the ingredients.

    Thank you so much for this. It’s highly needed especially in our world today.

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  2. This is beautiful Vickymo! And I was jealous of you then thinking you were Dad’s favourite cos you did house work excellently😂😂😂. I’ve come to realize we’re all unique and special. Let’s enjoy our uniqueness. Jealousy just messes things up.
    Well written Vicky😍😍

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  3. I think anyone who reads this Piece, and Searches his/her heart, would most definitely make reference to some point in their Lives when they are guilty of this.

    Beautiful Piece Dear, God Bless You abundantly

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  4. “…. Hold your chest and rebuke that spirit.” Lmao!!

    Vickie thank you for this.

    One thing jealousy steals from us is the pleasure of living in the moment and enjoying it, me, this girl is a victim.
    I’ve learnt to question my intents with a very simple question “How are you feeling right now” and write my answers down in my journal. Writing it down makes it lose so much power, I just begin to laugh at myself and get in the moment.

    Las Las, this enemy within must be rebuked!!

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