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    Young me was never the smiling type. Straight faced because I was naturally shy. My other siblings on the other hand were friendly and bubbly. They had people shower gifts on them which made me sad at times (I got gifts too). Brides-to-be chose my siblings over me to be their little bride and flower […]
    Lawrence is a real estate developer that has built his business over the years . He has been profiled as a person of integrity and has attracted a lot of high class societal personalities . Finance has never been a problem to him and he spends his money as he chooses. A mail from his […]
    2020 started on a very beautiful note, filled with numerous expectations and wishes to be fulfilled. Excitement took over us all as we approached a new decade. Diaries, to-do list and the likes were full of resolutions and plans . If only we knew that we would be likened to the “bird-box” situation of staying […]
    Love is a beautiful thing, it is something we have always heard. What they didn’t tell us is that seeking the validation of others (lovers) in order for us to feel good is a time bomb that’s just waiting to explode. What happens when the one you love who has made you feel good about […]
  • Diary Of A Lagos Newbie
    After serving my nation i travelled back to my hometown to stay with my parents. I got tired of sending out numerous job applications with little or no feedbacks . I was told that moving to Lagos will facilitate my chances of getting a job as there were many opportunities. Having thought it through with […]