2020 started on a very beautiful note, filled with numerous expectations and wishes to be fulfilled.

Excitement took over us all as we approached a new decade.

Diaries, to-do list and the likes were full of resolutions and plans .

If only we knew that we would be likened to the “bird-box” situation of staying indoors , covering our nose and constant washing of hands.

We were caught unawares ….

I won’t say it’s been rosy for us all.

At first we all saw it as an avenue to have proper rest and reflect on our lives , but as the months went by it became overwhelming…

Image from Pinterest

Above All , gratitude is one thing we should carry within and around us.

So there will be a series on gratitude every week

My playlist

I am grateful for many things that have happened, the good , bad and ugly.

Today I am grateful for life .

You would not be reading my thoughts if I was six feet below or in the hospital.

Seeing how fleeting life can be gives me every reason to be grateful to God.

We really don’t deserve it but God loves us dearly .

Living a purposeful life is worth deserving of all gratitude.

Let us embrace the second half with gratitude . That’s the best thing we can do .

Live, Love and keep Smiling .

Take time to disconnect from the noise around and recharge yourself ..

Happy new month Dear Readers and Friends🙂🙂.

There’s a new post coming up on finance.

Stay Tuned..

Tell me what you are grateful for …

Ps: Avoid canceling the year with negative thoughts and words..

Ps: I’m smiling deep down 😁😁😁


16 thoughts on “GRATITUDE SERIES

  1. Wow.
    Thanks so much sis for bringing this on.. it’s timely!

    I’m grateful to God for life, protection, provision, and inspirations I’ve got..

    I anticipate your next post, our finance guru 😍😊😊

    Have an amazing month!

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  2. Grateful to God for life, sound health, family, loved ones, goodness, love, mercy, faithfulness, grace, situations that ended up being a blessing, July(it’s my special month).
    2020 has been /still is a blessing.
    Thanks Vikie darling, you’re a blessing.

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  3. Grateful that my family and I are alive and well. Do you have a playlist on the gratitude songs and don’t mind sharing with link with me please?

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  4. Dear God,I am grateful to you for you are good and your mercies endure forever. For all the benefits I have in you,I say a big thank you.
    Thank you Vickie for this insightful call to embrace gratitude. Kudos

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